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I Demonernas Andetag

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 I.D.A is a multilayered theme art project.  

The three primary episodes of I.D.A explore contemporary social issues, psychology, history, philosophy, and religion in a distinct and evocative style that investigates themes of existentialism, spirituality, and the human condition with a blend of darkness and beauty

These creative works will be crafted with a variety of media, such as live action, to ground the narrative in tangible reality. Animation and stop motion, along with other artistic mediums, will be used to visualize abstract concepts, express feelings or a state of mind, and represent a sense of unreality. They will also be employed to create a sense of nostalgia, emphasize certain themes, convey organic quality, and add a tactile, distinct aesthetic. The goal is to provide an engaging, entertaining, and informative experience for viewers. The episodes will blend elements such as mystery, crime, and the supernatural, with a focus on character-driven storytelling and surrealistic imagery. Alongside these main episodes, there are several artworks connected to the storyline. They will be designed to be launched on various websites and social media platforms. These artworks acts as a spider web that leads the audience to the main episodes while also telling a pre-story that helps create context for the viewers. Please note, that this project is not a social-media project trying to outsmart an algorithm.

We have high hopes of fostering collaboration between Scandinavian countries, East European countries, and Brazil.

If you are interested in supporting this project, don't hesitate to write. Contact information at the end of every page.


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