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 I.D.A is a multilayered theme art project
These creative works will be crafted with a variety of media, such as live action, animation and stop motion. Providing an engaging, entertaining, and informative experience for viewers. The three primary episodes, which are collectively known as I.D.A, gives viewers a glimpse into social issues we as a society are facing today. Such as trafficking, violence and sexual exploitation. While also exploring realms of psychology, history, philosophy and religion.
Along with these main episodes, there are several Artwork, connected to the storyline. They will be designed to be launched on various websites and social media platforms. These Artwork, work as a spiderweb that leads the audiences to the main episodes. While also telling a pre-story that helps to create context for the viewers.
We have high hopes to foster collaboration between Scandinavian countries, East European countries, and Brazil.
As a result, we will exclusively utilize soundtracks from these regions as a way to promote cultural exchange and unity.

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