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About and Behind the scenes

My name is Serafín Ziquer Xavier, and I am the creator behind the project "In The Breath Of The Demon's." It is a poetic art project that combines all the tools I work with, such as photography, video, animation, theater, and text. Additionally, it incorporates thoughts and reflections from growing up in a surrealistic, absurd, and abusive environment during my childhood and parts of my youth.

Originally, it was meant to be a biographical book with poetry. I began writing the book in the late 90s, but unfortunately, all the pages were deleted from the floppy disk where I saved everything on at that time. I managed to print out the pages that I had written and asked my theater teacher to read through them. Days later, she asked me where I had stolen the material. I assured her that I hadn't, and she encouraged me to keep on writing. She kept the pages, and I asked her, after everything was erased from the disk, if she still had the text I had written. Unfortunately, they were nowhere to be found.

I attempted to rewrite everything, but since it wasn't just a book with biographical details but also included poetry, I couldn't recapture the essence. 


I have gained much knowledge from working as a freelancer for theatres, web productions, and television. Central to my artistic vision is the integration of disparate art forms into a cohesive whole, enabling me to articulate my innermost thoughts and emotions across diverse media.

Inspired by the imperfect facets of human existence, I gravitate towards themes exploring our vulnerabilities and the intricacies of human nature. I am inspired by figurative realism to abstract and surrealism, each imbued with its unique narrative and symbolism. While abstract art often originates from a figurative or natural source, I revel in exploring its transformative potential, pushing the boundaries of perception and interpretation.


I believe that film is an art form, a medium that shouldn't solely serve the purpose of entertainment. It also holds the power to reflect and translate the intricacies of our society. I believe that an video image should be allowed to rest in itself, much like a painting or a photography, without the need for extravagant Hollywood camera movements. In my view, these static forms of art have the potential to convey a profound life story, sometimes more effectively than a two-hour-long movie. I support storytelling that encourages the audience to become active participants rather than passive observers.

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