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The Idea behind I.D.A didn't emerge from a political or religious view. It is a result of childhood observations and thoughts that have stayed with me into adulthood. Raised by a mother who practiced both Christianity and the South American religion called Macumba. Macumba, originating from Africa, describes various religions of the African diaspora that syncretized with indigenous and European influences in Brazil due to the Atlantic slave trade.
Growing up in such an environment, where my mother placed me in cluster school, where I often were beaten by priests, and was exposed to Macumba ceremonies in the slums of Santos, my reality was shaped by my mother's beliefs. Our home was haunted, spirits visited us, and I even underwent an exorcism. Fear consumed me, and it affected my ability to socialise with other children. As we moved from Brazil to Sweden I found refuge, solace in the deep woods of Sweden and eventually attended a boarding school for children with difficulties. There, I discovered the stories of Nordic mythology, providing a sense of liberation compared to the influences of Christianity and Macumba. While I am not a believer today and do not follow any religious or occult beliefs, I have a rather unique story to tell, as my childhood was radically different from many others. Therefore, I now want to take those memories and work them through added fiction, so the story that was my life can become a story that reflects the vulnerable reality of many who have experienced a childhood overwhelmingly shadowed by a presence and instability they couldn’t quite grasp at the time.
My childhood were overshadowed by the prevalent problem of violence, psychological intimidation, and the traumatic experience of child sexual abuse, which was constantly presence. Coming from not only parents,
but also my friends parents and other adults around me and my childhood friends. Unfortunately, my research has shown that child sexual abuse and exploitation continue to increase around the world. This is why I chose the title "In The Demons Breath" or "I Demonernas Andetag" in Swedish. Please note that the term 'demon's breath' is metaphorical and serves as an artistic collective name with psychological connotations. It carries multiple interpretations, representing both the perpetrator and the victim affected by it. Many of my childhood friends from that time have passed away, by committing suicide or by drug abuse. I believe that Art saved my life. Through art, we can transform destructive experiences into something constructive. This project is dedicated to all my childhood friends and all victims of abuse around the world. While this art project aims to educate in an informative way, it is equally important to preserve artistic creativity and storytelling. The narrative explores a world where Nordic mythology reflects the past, Christianity has lost its significance, and the occult influences the future. In a society where violence, abuse, and consumerism are on the rise, people are more than ever in search of spiritual guidance.
The projects will maintain a violence-free approach, despite incorporating moving images as their primary medium. I envision this project as if you are observing a painting, where the presence of violence is acknowledged by the audience, yet it is never explicitly depicted as it often is in mainstream Hollywood movies.

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