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Main Story

Ida is a Detective determined to solve the murder of a young girl. As Ida delves deeper into the case, she uncovers a dark reality that transcends both current time and borders. Strange supernatural occurrences begin to surface, leading Ida down an unexpected path.

She realizes that the case is more complex than she initially thought and that she must rely on her instincts to navigate through this eerie world.

She later learns that her father once took a similar otherworldly path during his own career. Estranged and emotionally distant, Ida finds herself compelled to reconnect with her father, seeking answers to the enigmatic connection they share.


We believe that art should make people think and engage with their emotions. The project strives to create stories that leave a lasting impact and make audiences reflect on the world around them. Our goal is to create entertaining and inspiring stories that transcend the boundaries of traditional film. Our latest project, I.D.A, is an example of this. 

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